Overcome Difficulty With The Loan From Mai Son Branch, Son La

“All for the future electric current of the country”, following the call of the Communist party, in 2002, the family of Mrs. Hoang Thi Men and Mr.Ha Dinh Lu with their old parents and 02 young brother and 01 first child left their homeland of Phu Yen to make their home in Yen Son village, Hat Lot commune, Mai Son district to live in.

            That day her family left with the mere property of VND 3,600,000 which is the money given by the State to carry appliance and tools for production to the new place.  Entering to the land of Mai Son, the first feeling of her and husband that was a sparse populated land. At the first period, they didn’t know what to do to earn the living, due to the large size of the family so they lack almost everything, only waiting for 30 kg of rice subsidized by the State.

            As the State policy, each resettlement family would be granted 400 m2 of land for staying and 7000 m2 for cultivation. More land but no capital for investment leading to low productivity of crops cause difficulties in their family even more bigger.

             For the strange of everything, they didn’t know how to contrive, want to borrow from the bank but didn’t have “red book”, external borrowing fear that higher interest rates and no one will not dare to lend them because they are people of "resettlement", "helpless" they had to give up the fate.

            In those years, the saving and credit program of Mai Son district women union implemented at Hat Lot commune. In May 2003, the program was implemented at Yen Son village, at first members almost did not agree due to the loan was too small and the member could not earn money to pay back. Some members due to difficulties had to join including the family of Men and Lu.

            After 02 months (04 terms) doing saving, she got the first loan with the amount of VND 500,000, she invested to buy chickens for multiplication and foods for breeding.  After 01 year they had struggled to fulfill the obligation to repay principal and interest. Lu said: “At first loan was worried about, fear not repay each period, but then the borrower is required to save, each month her family eat meat only 1 to 2 times and saving money to pay debt ".

            Immediately after the end of the first round of capital, they kept applying to borrow the 2nd round. This time the loan was VND 1,000,000, they invested to continue raising laying hens and geese. They said: "This time less scary because of daily income from the sale of eggs and incubation of goose, the amount of interest earned from the animal just enough to repay the program, but still have chicken to lay eggs”.

            Finishing the payment of round 2, they borrowed for the third round with the amount of VND 5,000,000. They used that money to build a pigpen with the area of 18 m2 and buying 02 breeding pigs (01 male pig for sale and 01 female pig for breeding). After 12 months, the breeding pig gave birth to 08 little pigs, at that moment they sold the 80 kg male pig for VND 1,800,000 to invest for breeding pig flock. After 02 months they sold the breeding pig flock for VND 4,000,000 and completed payment for round 3. At that time, Lu (Men’s husband) was severely sick, the family sent him to Bach Mai hospital for treatment so they continued to borrow loan at the fourth round. With the amount of VND 10,000,000, in which VND 4000,000 for hospitalization and the remains of VND 6000,000 for their brother school fee and buying 01 breeding pig. This time the amount is bigger so they had to work for other person to earn money for loan repayment and pay a little extra to invest in growing corn.

            They borrowed loans at 5th round of VND 20,000,000 to build more 03 stalls for pig feeding and buying 02 breeding pigs. They had 04 breeding pigs that year, 01 breeding pig can give birth by average of twice per year with 08 to 14 little pigs for 01 time with the proximate price of VND 30,000 to 40,000 per kg. So they could earn VND 14 to 16 million from sale of breeding pig. Now they have money to invest in cultivation and also received technique for feeding and cultivation from women union and district center of agriculture promotion, so they decided to grow sugar cane in the area of 7,000 m2. Laying hen model is also well invested in term of breed and food that bring to the revenue of VND 50-80 million (expense deducted) per year. That amount is the stable source of their family in the recent of 02 years, however, they still continue to borrow loan from the program for the growing season to buy fertilizer, seed and hire employees.

            It is 09 years ago since the first time joining in the program with participation in 07 rounds for loan, now their total asset of about VND 01 billion. They have an affluent life, having complete responsibility for parents, care for 02 brother finished school and get married with stable jobs. Happiness is multiplied when the end of 2013 they will welcome their first grandson.

              Lu is touched when saying: “If there is no fund from Women union that day, my family would be exhausted, not only my own family but also all 20 families at Yen Son village”. Men continued saying: “Knowing Ms. Thanh (technical staff in Hat Lot commune) stopped working, my husband and I were very sad and thought on one will continue this work, fortunately Ms. Yen continue to do it”. Listen to this really touched me because over the years the capital of the organization really bring life to the poor people in Mai Son district, but little capital but has helped people to form big "wisdom", helping them to confidently step on their feet.  

 (Typical images of the pattern of economic development of member Hoang Thi Men, Hat Lot commune, Mai Son district, Son La province)


Mrs Men with her properties generated from loan


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