Disable Member Overcame Difficulty In Her Life

      Mrs. Bui Thi The, member of cluster No 34 of Transaction office 01 under M7 Microfinance Institution Limited – Uong Bi branch, Quang Ninh, is a disable member with her left hand of congenital malformation. In 1982 she got married with Ha Minh Thanh from Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city. She gave birth to 03 children, but her husband is ill health and her family had faced with difficulties.

     In 1992, she and her husband decided to move to Uong Bi to live.She has done a lot of different jobs from selling water at the bus station then selling steamed roll made of rice - flour, vermicelli and sour crab soup at Uong Bi center market to earn a livelihood and raising her children in school by her one hand. She still has enough money to pay for her 3 children fees of studying at school and medicine for her frequent sick husband. Her family was used to be poor in this area. When her daughter got the notice of admission of the college was also when her husband got severe sick and died. Difficult life was become more difficult when she had to carry out everything alone. With the fortitude “never make children uneducated”, she tried to calm down as a main support for her children to continue studying. Her children were conscious of their family’s circumstance so they tell each other to help her in working for getting more additional income.

       She joined saving and credit program before, now under the M7 Microfinance Institution Limited – Uong Bi branch, Quang Ninh with the first loan was VND 500,000 as revolving fund for business. After having  several loans from small amounts to big amounts with good payment rate. In May 2009, the organization gave her a loan of VND 10,000,000 she continued investing in brewing wine and pig breeding. At first she raises four pigs with the use of surplus food from the food and wine. After selling pig with good interest, she continued to invest in buying an additional breeding pig for not having to buy breed and also bought another 10 piglets. So on, she grew an overlapping pig and got stable income with this job. Currently she is always raising 30 pigs.

      Until now she has been caring for 03 children finished studying and reached adulthood and having stable home. The total value of the assets of the family now is about VND 1 billion.

      With the will and capacity together with the support of the cluster, member Bui Thi The was actually a shining sample to other members learning.

Phạm Thị Hoa- Transaction office No 1, Uong Bi branch, Quang Ninh

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