Within the framework of international cooperation activities of M7 Microfinance Institution Limited (M7MFI), in the recent time M7MFI has had working sessions with experts in investment consultancy from Living in Peace Organization ( Japan).From 20/03/2012 until 23/03/2012, at the Head office of M7MFI, there were meetings between office managers with experts from Living in Peace organization. In the framework of the working schedule with M7MFI, on 21/03/2012, the experts also took a survey trip to Dong Trieu Fund for Assistance to Women in Dong Trieu district, Quang Ninh province. At here, the Experts had a meeting with Director, Head of Internal control board, Head of Transaction office, Credit officers and cashiers to capture the processes and Internal control system, monitoring system and evaluation of the borrower (member of the Fund) and the software system…Experts from Living in Peace also took a visit to households as the members of Dong Trieu Fund to evaluate the effectiveness and impacts of loans on their lives. Experts assess the event of receiving the Establishment license of M7MFI is a great opportunity for M7MFI to mobilize more capitals from domestic and foreign organizations        (particularly from Japan). The two sides agreed to conduct regular exchange of information to proceed a

Cooperation agreement in the nearest future.

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