Rabobank delegation working visit to head office of M7-Microfinance institution limited

In the morning of October 1st, 2012, the Board of Directors of M7-MFI had a meeting to welcome and work with the delegation of Rabo-Bank (Netherlands) at the Head office of M7-MFI.

RaboBank is one of the leading commercial banks of the Netherlands with area of activities covering from Europe, Asia to North America and South America. Currently, RaboBank has presented in 637 locations in 48 different countries around the world. Rabo-Bank is one of the biggest partners of M7-MFI during the years.
The Board of Directors of M7-MFI exchanged and updated on the activities of M7-MFI duiring the last time and action plan in the coming time. Members of RaboBank delegation has appreciated the efforts of M7-MFI and express their great concern on the M7-MFI’s operations.
M7-MFI is one of the two first organizations M7- MFI in Vietnam liscensed for establishment, thus it is difficult to avoid difficulties.However, RaboBank still believes that with the commitment of all leaders and staff of M7-MFI and with the cooperation and support of RaboBank in the coming time, M7-MFI will grow further. Thus, synonymously with the mission of M7-MFI to support the poor women, low-in come households and ethnic minorities people will be made in a full and complete way.
The meeting ended in an open and friendly atmosphere.

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