Dong Trieu: Each technical staff manages 356 members with VND 419 million for savings and VND 755.5 million for loans.

In order to guide the operation of the Fund in accordance with the requirements of Decree 28/CP and 165/CP of the Government, on August 2008 the Fund agreed to convert the Fund’s organizational model to be neat and efficient. From 11 transaction offices then have been consolidated into 03 branches, each branch has 3 to 4 transaction units. Each branch has 03 officers, Chief of branch, account and cashier, the rest is technical staff.

After 6 months of transition, from 7/2008 to 12/2008, the new members of the Fund are 374 members, bringing the Fund actual members to 6.408 members; savings balance from VND 6.3 billion (7/2008) has increased to VND 7.5 billion  in 12/2008 and loan outstanding from VND  11.9 billion (7/2008), has increased to VND 13.6 billion in 12/2008. The rate of return is 100%. Currently, each technical staff manages 356 members (increase of 2.4% compared to the prior conversion); manage VND 419 million of savings (increase of 17 %) and manage VND 755.5 million of loans (increase of 14%).

Member development process is very slow because of the lack of capital, the loans don’t meet the needs of members that lead to number of members out of the program is quite high).However, when operating under the branch model, the transaction that was previously difficult as An Sinh, Tan Viet have been supported by neighboring communes so that the number of members and loan outstanding is higher than before transformation. In addition, the coordination of capital in the branch becomes more favorable; particularly, financial management and member management are more closed, there was no any risk happening. Team of officials of Management Board working more professional and efficient when technical staff can works diligently with membership development, evaluation of loan applications and loan management.

 By assessing the competition of end of 2008, the 3/3 new branch transformation are pretty and excellence. Activities of the branches were put into place and operate more efficiently. At the conclusion of the of PNT audit company in January 2009, the Dong Trieu Fund for Assistance to Women has good financial management and implementation of construction of Fund’s charter.