About Us

Areas of activities

1.  Capital mobilizing

          Receiving deposits in Vietnamese dong under the following forms:

·     Compulsory savings;

·   Deposit of organizations and individuals including the voluntary deposit of microfinance clients (except for deposit for the purpose of payment).

·    Borrowing loans from credit institutions, financial institutions, other individuals and organizations in domestic and abroad in accordance with the law.

2.  Credit providing

·   Providing credit in Vietnamese dong in the form of loans.

·   M7-MFI’s credit providing can be ensured by compulsory savings and guaranteed by group/cluster.

3.  Account opening

Open deposit account at the State Bank of Vietnam, commercial banks.

4.  Other activities:

·     Entrust and being entrusted for loans.

·     Providing financial advisory services related to the field of microfinance.

·     Providing helping services of collection, payment and transfer money to clients of microfinance.

·     To be an agency to provide insurance services.

M7-MFI’s Vision and Mission


To be an organization which provides sustainable and quality microfinance services for the groups who are facing with social and economic challenges, especially ethnic minority group.


Support people who are facing with social and economic challenges, especially women and ethnic minority groups through the provision of microfinance services, contributing to the achievement of poverty reduction, equality and development on the basis of ensuring the sustainability of the institution and finance

History of M7-MFI

M7-MFI was established on the basis of capital contribution of 03 social fund (Mai Son Fund for Assistance to Ethnic minority women, Uong Bi Fund for Women Promotion and Dong Trieu Fund for Assistance to Women) operating in 02 provinces of Son La and Quang Ninh.